Claudio Bueno
Joshua Tree, California

Encompassing evocative design and modern vision, Alucik is a line of wearable art created by internationally recognized light artist, Claudia Bueno. While experimenting in 2007 with digital and aerospace engineering technologies to use in large-scale installation art, Claudio discovered that her intricate designs could be produced with incredible accuracy on stainless steel sheets.
What started as a fun side project to make jewelry for family and friends, evolved over seven years, while living on four continents, to eventually become a Made in USA product based in her husband's native state of California. Their small studio is nestled in a five-acre amphitheater of giant boulders adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park. Their jewelry is made of lightweight and durable stainless steel plated with either 0.999 silver or 24K gold.
Claudia refers to Alucik as "concept jewelry", each limited-edition design reflecting her artistic vision in a unique blend on nature and culture.