Anne Vaughan Designs

Anne Vaughan
Floyd, Virginia

We did not start off to create a jewelry company - I just wanted to make some extra grocery money after the birth of my son. I was in the car with my husband, Aaron, and mentioned I was thinking about making some designs for our local outdoor market. I was hesitant, but he was enthusiastic.

We took just a few hundred dollars from savings to buy some materials and tools, and I had a goal of creating one piece a day between naptimes in my little basement studio. Somehow, I met that goal, and the customer response at our first market was overwhelming.

We added more shows, created relationships with our first stores, developed an amazing team and haven't looked back. To date, we are fortunate to have relationships and have our jewelry offered in hundreds of galleries and boutiques both nationally and internationally, as well as renowned catalogs and websites that showcase our designs.