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Mike and Kambra Prieto
South Hampton, Virginia

Mike and Kambra Prieto

Our idea for Barrel-Art was originally born out of necessity. My wife and I lost everything in a fire during our move to Europe several years ago. We needed furniture immediately so I took up woodworking to build the critical pieces.
I found I really enjoyed the art of woodworking and decided to design a piece of my own. During our travels to the European wineries, I was inspired to make a bar out of a barrel. My wife loved the concept so we searched the area wineries for the perfect barrel and came across a beautiful French Oak barrel from Bordeaux.
My efforts with the barrel generated a great deal of interest and I began developing other ideas for furnishings and barware that were made from barrels.  My Wife and I brought my ideas back to the United States and after completing my business degree, I opened Barrel-Art.