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Belinda Hope Skiles

Marion, Kansas

Belinda is a native Kansas artist, whose wire horse sculptures have been shown and commissioned as ride prizes for equestrian events across the Midwest. Belinda began riding horses at the age of five and often joined her father, a veterinarian, on horse and cattle calls throughout her childhood. She graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. A move to Kansas City in 1989, she returned to working with horses – teaching riding lessons and volunteering at endurance rides. She has competed in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Wyoming. Since 1993, Belinda and her husband, Dr. Bruce Skiles, have been residents of Marion, Kansas. Belinda has long been active in the arts, having worked in various media throughout her adulthood. She started sculpting horses in 2005, utilizing discarded wire from hay bales. To begin a sculpture, Belinda forms a rough frame before progressively looping and twisting the wire to build up the horse’s full form. A medium-sized sculpture takes wire from approximately 7-10 hay bales and 6-8 hours of sculpting time. She has sculptures now residing in several states, including Arkansas, California, Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Minnesota, and Kansas.