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Bill Collins

Lawrence, Kansas

Bill Collins is a jewelry artist currently working in Lawrence, Kansas. He has always loved the arts, and jewelry designing is a natural expression of his interests. After finishing his undergraduate work in Jewelry and Design at the University of Kansas, he worked in Northern California with several fine jewelry manufacturers.
Bill credits his early exposure to art and design to his mom, Patricia L. Collins, a painter and art educator, and to his grandfather H. Frances James, who began the Art Department at Emporia State University and was recognized as a fine watercolorist and landscape painter.
Throughout the years, Bill’s primary focus has been fine jewelry and custom design. He is currently developing a very personal collection of pieces that expresses his love of the rural beauty and unique heritage of both the city of Lawrence and the state of Kansas. Its colorful history and striking landscapes, as well as the more unique members of its community, have inspired a new direction in his work. In 1991 his wife Annette and three daughters moved back “home” to Lawrence, Kansas where he has been working independently for about 20 years.