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Bill Tabar

Medium Exotic Sand Art in Anodized Black Metal

$ 110.00

Medium Horizontal 7"x 12" Moving Sand Pictures. The double-strength glass is framed with a quality black anodized brushed metal frame. The black sand is heavier than the white sand so the two will never mix, some of the sands are transparent and some opaque giving the pictures a cool 3-D effect. Pictures may take from minutes to several hours to finish a magical sandscape, tiny air bubbles hold up the sand creating unique natural scenes with every turn. 

  • Ocean Blue - a royal blue liquid with black and powder white pristine sands + fine blue glitter
  • Summer Turquoise - a gorgeous Caribbean blue liquid with black, powder white and emerald green pristine sands + fine seafoam glitter  
  • Sunset Orange - a beautiful deep orange liquid with black, powder white and coral pink pristine sands + fine copper glitter
  • Arctic Glacier Clear - a crystal clear liquid with black and powder white pristine sands + fine blue glitter

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