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Bob Gent

Lawrence, Kansas

I have long had the goal of becoming a designer craftsman, as it allows me to explore ideas independently, with few constraints on my aesthetics. My style employs tightly controlled, bright colors, simple shapes and a playful design sense. Much of my work is enhanced by the decorations which start out as long rods of color (or canes) that I make from glass. These rods can either be used as lines or can be further manipulated into dots or swirls of vibrant color. I am producing a newer body of work using fusing, which involves manipulating sheet glass into patterns, then firing the glass in a kiln to melt the design together into one piece. The fusing process allows me to have greater control of the decorative process. My work reaches completion in being a part of people's lives, taking that conversation into their living spaces and bringing an aesthetic pleasure from the utilization of everyday objects.