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C.A.S. Handmade

Cara DesJardins
Sterling, Massachusetts

Since May 2013 C.A.S. Handmade inc. is the creation of Cara DesJardins. A native Rhode Islander, Cara’s early exposure to sewing and textile design is the seed that sprouted into a unique line of stylish bags, totes, clutches, home textiles and clothes, C.A.S. Handmade
As the name suggests, each piece is handmade in Cara’s studio, creative, living space located in Providence, which has been in her family for four generations. Her great grandparents were the original owners of the tall ceilinged, mahogany lined colonial. Her great grandmother, Georgianna, a milliner, established the ‘middle’ room as her sewing space. Filled with bobbins, bolts and thimbles, this is where she taught her four daughters how to sew, one being Cara’s grandmother Bernice Alary Lamontagne.  Bernice and her husband, Ferdinand raised 6 kids in this house, but always kept the middle room as a dedicated sewing room. Following tradition, Bernice taught her four daughters, Barbara, Susan, Paula and Jane the skilled art of making clothes, hemming dresses and pants and then, creating. As an ode to the meaning of this special space, Susan, one of Cara’s aunts named her bag business, ‘Middle Room Creations’. This is true testament to what a special part of the world this middle room has on Cara’s family. Now, Cara and her husband Jason reside, and sew, in this same house.  She is taking this rich history to the next level by growing C.A.S. Handmade as successful budding business and being very successful at it.
Cara graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in textile engineering and earned over ten years’ experience designing and creating in several textile industries. With all of her experience she never felt as inspired as much as she does now in the ‘middle room’ sewing natural fabrics and creating. She took her passion to the next level combining her love for fabrics, color, and craftsmanship and developed a line of custom handbags and pillows made from all natural hand painted linen and leather. The natural linen compliments the earth mineral pigments she uses to paint her bags and creates a very natural simplistic style that she strives to maintain in each of her bag styles.