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Cicada Glassworks

R. Jason Howard
Skaneateles, New York

My current work is an exploration of change, time, and process. I’ve always thought of glass as a matrix of the space-time-heat continuum. Its form is a record of a series of events that happened to it along its formation, like strata within the earth’s crust. The invisible strata within the glass all move as one, but at different rates depending on location and temperature. Sometimes they flow quickly, sometimes slowly, but always together like an orchestra following the conductor with heat as the tempo. I draw inspiration from the natural world, and try to capture the universal flow that binds everything. Using traditional Italian techniques, modern developments in flameworked borosilicate glass, and a mix of my own invented techniques, I’m trying to draw from and acknowledge the past, represent the present, and bridge the future in the flow of change.