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Cyrus Fillmore

Osage City, Kansas

Woodturning was introduced to me during high school. After graduating and serving in the United States Marine Corps, I started wood carving. For the most part I have learned my skill through trial and error over the last 25 years. Being self-taught, I try to challenge myself with each new piece.
I purchased my first lathe in order to make hand drums originally, and in time became known as “Cy the Drum Guy”. For many years I specialized in hand drums, honing my turning skills up until I retired from Drums after making the Game Drum for the Kansas City Chiefs.
Since then I have been concentrating on wood sculpture, both carved and turned. Most of the wood I use is acquired in tree form and must be milled into usable blanks then dried for various amounts of time before it can be used. Working in this manner means that my art is produced from local resources.
I now immerse myself in art in every corner of my life. I am a professional picture framer working in a frame shop in Lawrence. At home in Osage City, I spend my time in a wood shop creating my sculpture. Recently I have added a YouTube channel to my endeavors in order to provide time lapse videos of my art being created.