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Darin White

Lawrence, Kansas
Darin M. White is an artist, independent curator and art consultant based in Lawrence, KS. White has a BFA in sculpture from the
University of Kansas. White his wife Shannon, a painter and arts advocate, he founded b.a.l.m. (beauty, art and life movement) in 2007.
Together they promote creativity and action, and encouraging others in their art and understanding. In 2010, he helped launch the Final
Fridays events in Lawrence, Kansas and is currently a commissioner for the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission.

White equates his artwork to digging in the field, looking for treasures and mysteries to reveal. This current work is related to visions and dreams, which he hopes will raise questions for the viewer about the life they are living. These concepts can be seen in Bear Heart, in which he states; "A naturally peaceful bear protrudes from the wall with arms extended in a kind gesture, paws touching. The negative shape of the arms creates a simple but powerful message, and encourages the viewer to wrestle with larger issues of life."

He and his wife Shannon have personally wrestled with large issues of life. Together Shannon and he have three children, Noel, Caden and Claire. In 2009 their son Caden died of childhood cancer at 5 and a half years old after an almost two year battle. About their son Caden he says, "Our family is so thankful for the time we had with him, he has been such an amazing gift. This has greatly affected my life and my story. I produced the Healing Series, which has helped me continue to work thought our son's death. I have learned about living life and taking one day at a time, doing the best and most with what you are given and realizing that loving people is most important. I hope you will see this in my work."