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Dave Evans

Dave Evans
Lawrence, Kansas

I have a Bachelors in Architecture Degree from the University of
Kansas and a Master’s Degree from University College, University of
London. I was one of the founders of Gould Evans, a local and
national architectural firm.
I have always had a camera in my hand photographing family, Rocky
Mountains, trips to Europe, South and Central America, Mexico and
Southeast Asia.  I am a certified diver and have taken cameras diving
with me, including  letting salt water ruin an expensive camera. After
forty years practicing architecture, I am now devoting more time to
photography. I don’t have to worry about success, making money, in
simple terms it allows me to experiment, to “play”.
In my work, whether it is landscapes, travel images or food ingredients,
I strive to capture the essence, the simplicity of what I am photographing.
With an eye to authenticity in all I do, I try not take myself too seriously.