Dioica Jewelry Company - Necklace - 'Loria' (Wampum Discs)
Dioica Jewelry Company

Dioica Jewelry Company - Necklace - 'Loria' (Wampum Discs)

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This statement necklace is a beautiful addition to any neck. It is adorned with Wampum* shells and turquoise for an amazing colors combination with white, purple, and light blue. Handmade by Euchee & Muscogee-Creek artist, Ky NoHeartInWar.
10.8 Carats of natural turquoise

375 carats of Northeastern Quahog Wampum

(X27) 4mm Round Natural Turquoise

(X127) 10mm Northern Quahog Wampum Rondelles

6mm Sterling Silver twin eyelet.

9mm Sterling Silver lobster clasp.

(X2) 3mm Sterling Silver bead

Due to the nature of handmade items, products received may look different than item pictured. 

*Wampum is made from one of the hardest and most beautiful shells in the world: the Northern Quahog, a clam found along the New England coast. The white and purple layers of the shell create the most entrancing patterns. Every single piece shows a unique and natural beauty. The Wampum name originates from the Algonquin word wampi meaning "white." Only a small percentage of shells have deep enough veins of purple and are thick enough to make beads and stone for jewelry.