Dulces Jewelry

Bailey Kivett
Topeka, Kansas

Bailey Kivett grew up in Wichita and Halstead, Kansas.  As a kid she would gather up baby-sitting funds and spend every penny at the local Michaels.  It didn't matter what the material... it was always jewelry.  She was the queen of friendship bracelets, shrinky dinks, and anything she could find to bead!  
At the University of Kansas she dabbled in lots of subjects and mediums before she landed in a beginning jewelry class.  With a saw or torch in hand, she was at home.  An emphasis soon turned into a second major (she was also on track to be an art teacher) and she hasn't stopped making jewelry since.  
Her focus is on sawing; most pieces are created with sterling silver.  She often challenges herself with the tiniest of details.   She finds a great deal of joy in the creation of these custom pieces that help patrons to be closer to their home, their children, or their favorite quote.  
Bailey is also a full time art teacher at Free State High School in Lawrence, Kansas. Her desk is covered with metal dust and student handouts.