From Donna's Hands

Donna Lashof
Bel Air, Maryland

I have always liked to make things. When I was 10 I made my mother a yellow double knit polyester pantsuit. To her credit she wore it (and may still have it!) I still sew, but started “playing with clay” when my children left home. I immediately fell in love with the material and the process of making pots.

My work is designed to be fun and functional. Interesting shapes and bright colors intrigue me. Although I use a variety of techniques, I have found that creating original molds and slip-casting with them allows me to explore unique and varied forms. Many of my forms are contemporary, others are inspired by nature. I often use bright colors to highlight the forms. All pieces are made of stoneware clay, bisque fired, then glazed and fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln. My glazes are food safe, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

I hope that my sense of whimsy and fun show in my work. We should all have joy and beauty in our lives every day. Creating things and knowing that my pieces have found a home where they will be enjoyed makes me happy.