Infinity Art Glass

Scott Hartley
Benton, Kansas

There is more to the art of glassblowing than meets the eye. Simply seeing the finished product as a beautiful glass sculpture is not truly enjoying art glass. Just as watching your child grow from one day to the next, the process of glassblowing is part of the amazement and wonder of glass.

Glass is made from a mixture of about 70% sand, soda ash, and several other chemicals. I mix this myself and load them into a glassblowing furnace, which reaches temperatures of 2,500 degrees. The furnace runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days each year. 

Glass has allowed me to expand my capabilities, challenge myself fully & it has taught me patience every single day. I pour myself into my glasswork. I believe that the glass speaks both for itself and for me. Nothing gives me more peace of mind than the quiet roar of a glass furnace on a calm, clear day…a blowpipe in my hand and a piece of myself on the end.