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Karg Art Glass

Rollin Karg
Kechi, Kansas

The artistic works of local artist Rollin Karg can be found in galleries all over the world. His pieces combine two artistic mediums--sculpted metal and blown glass. Karg says he never knew he was an artist and discovered his talents by accident.

"I had no idea I was an artist," Karg says humbly. "My dad was a carpenter all of his life and his dad was a contractor, so of course I wanted to be like them. They were big strong hardworking guys; they could do anything. But they told me, we want you to be the president of some company and so I just took it for granted that that was my destiny. I went to Wichita State. I was a business major. I went to work in industry and I did pretty good and I made a living but I never felt like I had found my place, my spot."

Karg has now been working with glass for more than three decades, creating everything from paperweights to abstract sculptures standing four feet high. Most are transparent with striking bursts of color that seem to be alive within the glass.

So, even though Karg didn't follow exactly in the plans his dad and grandfathers laid out for him, his accomplishments and unexpected success didn’t fall short of their expectations.