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Kira Linea

Kira Terrey
Kansas City, Missouri

I hand fabricate all my jewelry in my home studio in Kansas City, where I sit with a beautiful view of the yard and often find myself dreaming about distant places I want to visit. I create geometric shapes out of sterling silver and copper that serve as settings for various materials or function as a canvas for gold and enamel. On my personal journey I walk the constant line between perfectionism and the attempt to embrace mistakes. A big part of my work is about encouraging people to look at things differently. By taking things out of their normal environment, I ask you to look closer and question what you see.
 In a recent collection, I set cross sections of used skateboards in sterling silver. The precise cross sections capture the technicality of skateboarding, while the unique imperfections in every piece speak of individual style and expression. All colors found in the pieces are already present in the boards themselves, a remnant of the art pieces they once were; from the graphic of the bottom of the board, to the single plies, all the way to the marks of tricks skated. Through these pieces, I transform the vigorous energy of skateboarding into concise minimal pieces of jewelry.