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The Lonesome Hobo

Aaron Sandker
La Farge, Wisconsin

My name is Aaron Sandker.  I live on a small farm in the dark rolling hills of the Driftless region in Southwestern Wisconsin with my beautiful wife and three absolutely wonderful daughters. I once worked on a large flower farm and started to notice several dead butterflies and insects in the greenhouses. I started to save them and before long I had a shoebox full of all these fragile beauties. Not knowing what to do with them, I tucked them away on a shelf in my closet. More recently, I have found an amazing amount of butterflies on the roadside during the heart of summer when they are the most abundant and are victims of the equally abundant traffic. I have read that during an average week in summer there are more butterflies killed on American roads than the total taken by all the collectors in history! I began to wonder what to do with all this beauty and how I could help preserve them to last a lifetime. I decided to put my efforts towards learning how to cut and grind glass and how to solder. I recycled my collected wings to create what you see here today. All tropical butterflies are from a butterfly farmer who saves wings too damaged to use and I trade my jewelry for these wings. No butterflies or moths were harmed in the making of this jewelry - all were collected after they naturally expired.