Margaret Rose

Margaret Rose
Lawrence, Kansas


Margaret Rose has lived in Lawrence Kansas since 1971, exhibiting regionally and internationally for over 40 years, travelling to workshops in the US and Spain to hone skills in encaustic and printmaking. She has BFA from The University of Kansas in Design, so design elements and composition are integral to her work. She also has a Master’s degree in Art Education and taught Art in public schools for 39 years. A favorite quote of Margaret is, “Qui docet discit”-- who teaches, learns;  and she has learned so much! Since retiring from teaching in 2016, she continues to make Art, showing in exhibits about every two years. “I’m inspired by Art, history, nature, color and design in the garden as well as reflection and meditation.

I consider myself a multi-media artist, having used a variety of media over my many years of practice, including photography, printmaking, assemblage with found and recovered materials, collage, and collaborative installations. My images are often topical but also refer to archetypes across cultures. Mixed media encaustic is my current focus and has been for several years. I have two recent series, Flint Hills Inspiration and Nebulae.

During a trip to the Flint Hills this fall I renewed my love of the tallgrass prairie landscape, the undulating lines, colors, textures, the old and new stories, part of our vanishing natural environment. I created a series of altered digital photographs that were altered further with their transfer onto encaustic medium, creating a dreamy feeling of captured times. There are 26-6x6 inch images in this series.

The second series of images, the Cosmic Nebula Series are also encaustic but are painted with encaustic pigments and pastels and are finished with metallics, highlighting energy lines and forces in the cosmos. There are 9-6x6 inch pieces in this series which owe a debt of gratitude to Hubble Space Telescope images.