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Matthew Jarmer

Lawrence, Kansas
I have been a creative person for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my favorite activities always involved making something: building with Legos (before the kits), painting with my grandmother, and 4-H arts & crafts always brought me great joy. In high school, I took every available art class and dreamed of being a professional artist.
My practical side led me to study graphic design at Kansas State University. While earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communications, I took a number of sculpture classes and developed a passion for working with clay, metal and wood. I found that a mixture of digital design and hands-on work fulfilled my creative needs.
For over a decade, I have worked as a professional graphic designer learning different industries and honing my design skills. I spent my first three years out of college working in editorial and print design for the College of William and Mary Alumni Association. I then spent three years designing trade show displays and environmental graphics. Most recently, I worked for four years in the apparel and screen printing industry. Throughout this time, I continued to pursue my interests in fine art and woodworking.