Mishky, our company name, is inspired by the South American Quechua word Misk’i, which means sweet.

At Mishky we create unique handmade pieces that carefully blend traditional Colombian craftsmanship with ever changing global fashion trends and aesthetics, and the demands of specific markets. Innovative design and craftsmanship have always been central to Mishky and we have managed to position ourselves as a socially sustainable company thanks to its constant training programs in the artisanal craft of jewelry making by hand.

Mishky was born and has grown out of the ideas and hard work of the women that have cleared the path to sustainable existence. Tita Navia is the founder, president and driving force behind the creativity and commercial success of the company.

Mishky is a company by women and for women!

Mishky believes in equal opportunity and actively opposes any type of gender and race discrimination. This is our contribution to try to make the traditionalist society in which we live a fairer, nicer place to live.