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High Voltage

Mitch Levin
Boulder, Colorado

Mitch Levin's work looks for impact with a play on shape, color, size, and balance. This whimsical approach to design produces furniture and sculpture that is bold yet very functional. His arsenal of materials varies from piece to piece but more often than not, a mixture of several are used for a contrasting effect. While looking at the world, little escapes this artist’s eye as an element for one of his pieces. Elements are removed from their function and used in a way that truly enhances their aesthetics. Levin was born and raised in Chicago. He first studied architecture at Iowa State University and received his Bachelor of Arts in Design. While working in Chicago as Art Director for a major video production company, he also attended the Art Institute of Chicago as an artist at large. Mitch worked on his Masters of Industrial Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also taught Design classes at UIC and Harper College. His thesis incorporating contemporary furniture, sculpture, and the use of alternative materials is a work in progress. His experience as Art Director creating computer graphics and special effects has served as a catalyst for many of his works.