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Cipriano Designs

Nicole Cipriano
Lawrence, Kansas

Cipriano Designs was born out of my passion for sewing, constructing and printmaking. My background in graphic design and printmaking naturally led me to this tactile medium of leather work. It was exciting to discover more of a functional outlet, and not only be limited to two dimensional expression.

My approach to design is very physical. New creations all depend on the unique quality of the leather. When I come up with new ideas I must have the hide physically in my hands. I ask myself, “How well does this fold, bend, stretch? Do both sides of the hide contribute to the overall design?” A thin leather may create a better wallet than a thicker type, and some hides are better for printing on. The idea is formed when I’m able to have these tactile moments.

I’m always exploring the details of my environment: architecture, nature, lines and texture. I love sketching out simple shapes and forms to be used in the printing process of the leather work. The leather is directly printed on, or I will line a bag with my hand-printed linen fabric. The possibilities are endless, and it’s magic when the creation is completed!

My overall goal with Cipriano Designs is to embody the importance of well-crafted, versatile and timeless accessories. I produce all designs in small batches to ensure the right balance of simplicity and subtle detail. I do my best to combine a sensibility of ornamentation, structure and urban style with my leather work.