Roger Spohn

Baldwin City, Kansas

I spent my early years in the southeastern portion of Kansas, and from that early rural environment developed a deep appreciation for nature and for the open landscape. Locating in Lawrence during the late 70's to attend the University of Kansas, the collection of architecture was also a strong influence as my interest in photography began to develop. Concurrently with my formal education I began an independent study of landscape and architecture photography, and was further influenced by the work of Adams and other B&W photographers of that time.
With this good understanding of the black and white process as a foundation, I was soon interested in larger camera formats, and began to use more color photography. I now work exclusively with large and medium format equipment and my chosen subjects are landscape, nature and architecture. I am drawn to the State and National Parks, or to any subject that holds some geologic, historic or purely aesthetic significance. Kansas, however, is my primary interest, and I most enjoy the documentation and artistic interpretation of its varied regions and unique features as well as its agricultural and rural qualities. I live with my wife, Dava, in a quiet and peaceful area of Douglas county. 
One of my greatest concerns is the negative impact that we incur on the wondrous and pristine landscapes, as well as on the rural areas that I have come to know. I hope to capture many of the landscapes that remain, but I am often discouraged and saddened to see the mistreatment of these important locations. That some of my work might aid in the documentation, protection or preservation of any such worthy subject is undoubtedly my greatest aspiration.