Ruthie and Olive

Ruthie and Olive
Portland, Oregon

Every necklace sold 3 meals to someone who needs it!
The most likely recipient of food support is a single mother with multiple children. Food insecurity is a problem that affects 1 in 5 Oregonians, and similar numbers around the country. 
My name is Ruthie and my daughter is Olivia (we call her Olive). This jewelry and inspirational card line is my dedication to my younger self, who I wish I could go back and hug, and to my daughter. 

I'm hoping, by creating this jewelry line, it will cause a ripple effect of love and encouragement. Maybe you find a quote that speaks to you, or something you know your friend needs to hear. Maybe you give your friend a gift, and they feel good, and are nicer to the cashier at the grocery store.. and maybe it keeps going.. Plus! it helps feed a family who needs it!