Spirit Glassworks

Melissa Williams
Hamilton, New Jersey

With an emphasis on sustainability and being environmentally friendly, Spirit Glassworks creates glass jewelry that is simply beautiful and truly unique. Designer, creator, and maker, Melissa Williams, forms each piece of glass by melting down post consumer glass bottles. Every piece created has an extraordinary energy and spirit unique to itself and is often mistaken for sea glass or stone. Each item comes tagged to share the wonderful information that it is a recycled and handcrafted product as well as telling what bottle each color came from.

"Every piece of my work features glass that I personally recycle. I handcraft each piece from start to finish using mostly wine and spirit bottles. Each bottle is cleaned, cut, broken down and crushed. Then the glass goes through one or multiple firings.

The result is beautiful, everyday wearable jewelry and home décor that is truly unique.

With an emphasis on sustainability I am passionate on coming up with new designs to utilize each piece of glass and recognize my work to be a true transformation from trash to treasure."