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The Glass Forge

Lee Wassink & Nathan Sheafor
Portland, Oregon

"I originally took a glass blowing class during my sophomore year in college at Central College in Pella, Iowa, not thinking anything of it. Of course, after that, the romance of glass occupied my mind. I took two more years of it from John Vruwink, while finishing my college education and was able to get fully hooked. After graduation, I moved to southern Oregon and spent a year helping my Dad build his 'dream house.' In the process, I realized that I would return to Grants Pass. During this time, while making trips to the Bay Area, I courted the Nourot Glass Studio, finally getting them to hire me just as we were finishing the house. Working for Nourot Glass Studio and the three owners, Mike and Ann Nourot and David Lindsay, was the biggest glass learning curve yet for me. While working with them for four years, I found out that it was truly the art that I wanted to continue for the rest of my life. When it came time to leave the Bay Area and move back to Grants Pass, I got the opportunity to take a two-week intensive course from Bill Gudenrath at the Corning 'Studio.' By the time I came back after contacting Nathan and Butch, I was able to look for a building to start our studio and the rest, as they say, 'is history.'"