Thorn Ridge Studios

Henry Levine
Meigs County, Ohio

Born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland, Master craftsman Henry Levine has been developing his skill for over 45 years.  As a teenager, Henry enjoyed wheel thrown pottery in his after school pottery classes at Glen Echo Park.

"I was in love with the process and that brought me to thinking about color and form. The National Portrait Gallery and the Hirshorn Museum in Washington, DC gave me great exposure to modern and post modern art.  In high school I looked at my art endeavors as a hobby to pursue on my way to becoming a doctor, lawyer or Indian chief. "

Henry graduated in 1982 from The University of Rochester with a degree in Economics and English and was on his way to becoming a regular guy with a regular job.

"I felt a strong need for creative outlet and enrolled in art school to become a production potter.  At Alfred University I found out that people blew glass- who knew? With pottery, I was frustrated with being unable to achieve certain color effects consistently. With glass, I found that I could overlay opaque and transparent colors in a way that achieved the tonality I was looking for." 

For 29 years Henry has been supporting his family and paying the bills for his modest but comfortable lifestyle in the hills of southern Ohio.

"When I graduated from art school, there weren't a lot of jobs in off -hand glass blowing, so I got a job bending the glass and processing the tubes for neon signs. This led me to buying Quality Neon Products in Columbus, Ohio which was a "turn key" operation and a good starter business for me.  In 1999, I moved to Meigs County, Ohio and opened Thorn Ridge Studios to blow art glass as my regular gig.  Thanks to all my patrons over the years who have allowed me to pursue my passion without needing a "day job".  It's nice to feel that my work is being well received."