Three Crow Glass

Jeff Ferrier and Christina Mayr
Quebec City, Quebec

Three Crow Glass Studio is the creative space of real life couple Jeff Ferrier and Christina Mayr. Jeff and Christina both have art degrees. Christina's is from Université du Québec à Montréal, where she studied every available media before settling on sculpture. Jeff's is from University of Guelph where he studied everything he possibly could, focusing on multimedia, sculpture and printmaking. They were both captivated by glass after trying every other medium. “We both thrive on the challenge and discipline that glassblowing represents. Our style relies on the fusion of traditional glass blowing with freehand sculpting. We combine centuries old European techniques with North American inventiveness. One of us has classical training, and the other has the extensive practical knowledge that only a traditional apprenticeship can offer. When we are asked about our collaboration, we answer that Christina likes to twist rules around until they’ve lost meaning, and Jeff likes to throw the rulebook out the window. Our inspiration is largely drawn from our quirky sense of humor. In conclusion, we hold the philosophy that life is too serious to not also be fun.”