"Landscapes and Other Observations" by Tom Mersmann

Artist Statement

“I see my art as a response of gratitude and respect for various aspects of the rich and mysterious existence that we find ourselves in. Also, the process of creating an image or environment or atmosphere on a surface by applying and manipulating paint of various colors is just kind of fun”.


Tom Mersmann was born in Ottawa, KS in 1948 and grew up around Lawrence his entire life.  The region of north eastern Kansas has been his lifelong home. He studied drawing and painting at the University of Kansas in the early ‘70’s, but is now retired from many years of occupation as a large machine mechanic. He has been fortunate to have shown his paintings in several gallery spaces in Lawrence, and also in Hays and Russell, KS. His work as a painter is a response to the beauty present in the regional landscape. Even though he has frequently travelled out into the broader world, having spent a life time within 50 miles of his birthplace has allowed him an immersion and appreciation of the landscape of Northeastern Kansas that he believes is reflected in his art. Mersmann is especially enamored with the smaller details of the natural world that are available to a more subtle attention.