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William Hanlin

Columbia, Missouri

I am a self-taught artist from Columbia, Missouri who has felt the need to be an artist all my life. My search is to bring the beauty of life, in a realism paint style, to a unique paint surface in order to step outside the boundaries of conventional paint surface and style.
Watercolor and graphite, painted on tumbled marble, gives each original piece of art a sense of mass and stability. Utilizing the brilliance of color and the exact complementing slate backing truly gives each piece the individuality it deserves. I have few limits to subject matter and do my best work on complicated subjects.
Iā€™m always expanding my scope. A second, and equally as important, discovery is wood. Acrylic paint along with intense texture jumps out and onto a luan mahogany surface. Unique and unusual sizes, textures, and brilliance of color make the endeavor truly unique and couples with startling realism in the presentation of subject matter.
My hope is to bring beauty to your life; to let you escape reality for a few moments while we share nature and its beauty. Let me create your dream spot, your oasis, and bring into your life a piece of original art that will speak to you.