Blue Frogs Company - Bird Sculpture - Medium (Ringed Kingfisher) #B-95
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Blue Frogs Company - Bird Sculpture - Medium (Ringed Kingfisher) #B-95

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The Ringed Kingfisher is one of the largest kingfishers in the world. They are commonly found along the lower Rio Grande valley in south-eastern most Texas in the United States through Central America to Tierra del Fuego in South America. The Ringed Kingfisher’s loud, machine-gun-like call is often the first alert to its presence.

Some interesting facts: Ringed Kingfishers have been observed eating hummingbirds. They lay their eggs on a layer of fish bones and scales, and When underwater they use their wings as rudders and for rowing. A group of kingfishers are collectively known as a “concentration” and a “realm” of kingfishers.


Beautifully crafted one at a time. Every step of the carving and painting process is done by hand with great attention to detail and as a finishing touch a French paste wax is buffed into the finish until a rich luster is obtained.

Joel Dournel-Zanni grew up in northern France where he lived until 1988 when he decided to leave everything behind to travel.  After two years of adventure, he stumbled upon Aspen, Colorado and decided this was the ideal place to plant some roots.

Given the opportunity to make a fresh start, he was determined to make a career out of something that had been an interest of his for years: woodcarving.  Drawing inspiration from his beautiful surroundings, heritage and travel experiences, he has designed an array of wood carvings. His journey has taken him from designing lamps, to Celtic and Viking themed carvings such as knot work, crosses and Celtic symbols.

Due to the nature of handmade items, products received may look different than item pictured. Since each piece is unique, please reach out to us at (785) 843-0080 if interested in exact photos of what you will receive.