Dioica Jewelry Company - Bracelet - 'Notah' (Turquoise)
Dioica Jewelry Company

Dioica Jewelry Company - Bracelet - 'Notah' (Turquoise)

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This elegant turquoise bracelet is the perfect addition to any wrist. Handmade by Euchee & Muscogee-Creek artist, Ky NoHeartInWar. A mix of spherical and Heishi beads adorn the bracelet. 

95 Carats of Turquoise
(X5) 10mm Round Turquoise

(X41) 7.8mm Heishi* Turquoise

4mm Sterling Silver Ball

Due to the nature of handmade items, products received may look different than item pictured. 

*Heishi is a traditional American Indian name for discoidal shell beads that have been manufactured to have the same diameter, or tapering diameters. The name has been used for similarly-made beads of many materials. Turquoise Heishi beads are the most-often-seen non-shell Heishi, in a Native American context.