Dioica Jewelry Company - Necklae - 'Maleah' (Turquoise Beads/Discs)
Dioica Jewelry Company

Dioica Jewelry Company - Necklae - 'Maleah' (Turquoise Beads/Discs)

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This elegant turquoise necklace is the perfect addition to any neck. A mix of spherical and Heishi beads make up this fantastic piece. Handmade by Euchee & Muscogee-Creek artist, Ky NoHeartInWar, this necklace is a great gift.  
165 Carats of Natural Turquoise

(X4) 10mm Round Natural Turquoise

(X13) 4mm Round Natural

8.83mm/4.45mm Graduated Heishi* Natural Turquoise

6mm Sterling Silver twin eyelet.

9mm Sterling Silver lobster clasp.

(X2) 3mm Sterling Silver bead

Due to the nature of handmade items, products received may look different than item pictured. 

*Heishi is a traditional American Indian name for discoidal shell beads that have been manufactured to have the same diameter, or tapering diameters. The name has been used for similarly-made beads of many materials. Turquoise Heishi beads are the most-often-seen non-shell Heishi, in a Native American context.