Final Friday - Mug Show - Sam Schmidt - Terra Forma
Clay Country Creative Co.

Final Friday - Mug Show - Sam Schmidt - Terra Forma

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Terra Forma

Sam Schmidt of Clay County Creative Co.

Mixed clays and porcelains
Height 5”, Width 5-1/2”, Depth 4”
Inspired by desert landscapes, what Sam Schmidt’s pottery truly attempts to emulate is Earth’s history. Multiple clay bodies are cut, layered, twisted, compressed, sheared, and layered again into a clay block. The stories of time, readable in the geologic layers of a hillside, are continued through erosion and weathering. Slices of clay block are torched dry and thrown flat. Sam hand-forms each slab using heat and gravity as his tools. The cracked texture and rough grain purposefully mimic stream cut valleys and wind blown surfaces. The rough clay is sealed with a thin glaze wash and is dishwasher safe.