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Madame Scodioli

Laudanum Aftershave

$ 28.00
Laudanum :: Tobacco + Black Tea

A very intoxicating masculine fragrance with dominant notes of pipe tobacco and black tea, and hints of fruit and spice. This scent reminds the Madame of sitting in the parlor of the troupe's stygian Horned Devil Man.

Madame's aftershave formula is ultra-soothing and alcohol free (no sting, no burn!)
Splash a small amount in hand, distribute between hands and disburse over face and neck. Avoid the eye area.
SHAKE WELL before use: our aftershave does not contain an emulsifier, as these can be drying to the skin.

5.0 oz. amber glass jar with screwtop lid and reducer in the neck. Waterproof label.

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