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Madame Scodioli

Laudanum Soap

$ 8.00
Laudanum :: Tobacco + Black Tea
You've been ever-so-politely hinting, and the Madame was only too happy to oblige. Finally, Laudanum for the bath! (We're just as excited as you!)
A very intoxicating masculine fragrance with dominant notes of pipe tobacco and black tea, and hints of fruit and spice. This scent reminds the Madame of sitting in the parlor of the troupe's stygian Horned Devil Man.
Each bar is lightly scented with our Laudanum fragrance and features the Madame's signature stamp. The color has been achieved naturally with the addition of activated charcoal (a truly wonderful detoxifier for the skin) and walnut powder, a natural mild exfoliant.
Approx. 6.0 oz.

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