A Tea Leaf

Alissa Thiele
Portland, Oregon

Ever since I was little, I've loved to make things with my hands. This started out as drawings and paintings, and then led to majoring in Graphic Design in college.
After a few years in the real world, my husband and I (and our cat, Yoshimi) packed up and moved to Portland to be surrounded by music, nature, and amazingly creative people.
The Pacific Northwest immediately began to inspire my artwork. I started creating collage work with found papers & botanical drawings. I also got interested in the idea of making my art/designs wearable and began learning about jewelry making. I found that jewelry allowed me to explore art from a whole new perspective. I was addicted!
Today, A Tea Leaf jewelry is still inspired by nature and exploring the Pacific Northwest as well as vintage touches. As a "one woman shop", I do it all: from concept to creation to packaging and shipping.