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Allan Chow

Allan Chow
Kansas City, Missouri

Allan Chow is a Malaysian Chinese born landscape painter who currently resides and owns a studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Allan received his BFA in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute. Mentored by illustrators, Allan worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer during his twenties, all the while experimenting with paint on the side. His natural attraction to Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism inspired him to develop a modern interpretation of landscape paintings with a palette knife. Allan has established a national following with his sophisticated style and obvious passion for painting.
Allan paints with a palette knife, applying thick impasto in a variety of brilliant colors. His emotions and passions pour through his spontaneous yet controlled brushstrokes, creating a three-dimensional experience for his viewers. 
When Allan isn’t painting, he teaches, competes and performs in social salsa dancing events locally and nationally.