Ashley Corbello

Ashley Corbello
Independence, MO

Hi, I'm Ashley

 My artwork combines the two things I love most in the world, painting and animals. 

I’ve always felt a deep connection to animals because they give so much more than people do. They never judge or ask me to be something else. They never make me feel like I’m not enough. Not talkative enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough…those things don’t matter when we’re together. 

My dog is my ride or die. 

She reminds me every day to do the thing even when I’m afraid. She taught me what it truly means to be a team. And when things go wrong, she’s there for me. 

She lives in the moment, fully and unapologetically. A quality I can only hope to embody someday. 

On days when it feels like the world is trying to tear me down, my dog is a beacon of light that lifts me up and reminds me that I’m already perfect just as I am. 

When I got to a point in life where I felt like I needed to do something that mattered, I began fostering for a local rescue. Through that journey, I’ve gotten to meet all kinds of dogs from all kinds of situations. The one thing that holds true - no matter what they have been through, they bounce back. 

My work is about more than faithfully recording an animal’s likeness. It’s about the lessons they’ve taught me and the life we live together. The unconditional love, unwavering support and companionship that pushes you to your full potential.