Ayers Pottery

Steve Ayers
Hannibal, Missouri

Steve Ayers has been a professional potter for over 40 years and has been making pottery in Hannibal for nearly 30 of those years. Ayers pottery is recognized nationwide for its beautiful form and intense color-rich glazes. Steve makes pottery with the customer in mind, pottery that is beautiful and functional and food safe. Handles must feel comfortable, spouts must pour, pottery must be oven-safe, and fit in the dishwasher. 

Ayers Pottery Info
The first thing to remember about pottery is that it is made of clay, and it’s capable of breaking. Although with proper usage and care your pottery can last for decades. 

Tips to help you enjoy your pottery: 

- Treat pottery with care. Don’t bang against granite counter-tops, nor when loading in the dishwashers or storing in cabinets.
- The biggest pottery stressor is temperature changes. Never put anything frozen on pottery to heat in the oven. Never put cold pottery from refrigerator into a hot oven. 
- Most of our pottery is oven safe, but must have food distributed evenly. Microwaving pottery can be tricky so we will no longer guarantee plates for use in the microwave or oven. Mugs, soup bowls, bread bakers, and other rounded shapes work fine.