Branch + Barrel

Bend, Oregon

Toby and Laura, also known as Branch+Barrel, are a husband and wife team based in the beautiful mountain town of Bend, Oregon.
In 2015, Branch+Barrel was a seed of an idea that came about as Laura first explored the possibilities of combining wood and metal. Although the initial creations weren’t the kind of designs we take pride in sharing with you today, they were all she needed to realize the incredible potential and surprising harmony that these seemingly opposing materials can create when combined. Those early designs did however generate enough enthusiasm amongst friends and passers by that Laura realized she needed some help to share her creations with a wider audience. This is when Toby moved from a supporting role to a full time member of Branch+Barrel.

The combination of Laura’s creativity and artistic vision with Toby’s personable nature and photography skills allowed Branch+Barrel to begin to grow beyond the original seed of an idea it once was.