B.S. Hatch

Bryan Hatch
Lawrence, KS

Born in Durango, CO, Bryan Hatch is 42 years old. He was raised in and around the suburbs of KC. Bryan spends his days as a real estate appraiser. He got into CAD drawing in high school which led to majoring in Industrial Design at KU and focused mainly on 3D animation and modeling. Bryan has always been a doodler and over the course of several years he developed a 'language' which most of his work incorporates.   He uses a technique called stippling. The process of stippling can be quite daunting, yet meditative in a way. He has a deep appreciation for art and nature and enjoy fly fishing when time finds a way. His artistic inspiration comes from some of the older surrealists and from some in the more contemporary world of psychedelic art, the weird and the whimsical.

Bryan had this to say about his work:
"I like to think of them as old timey Japanese scrolls, kind of try and tell a 'story' with each one, let the viewer's eyes follow along the course of the ropes while they venture through the nooks and crannies and such."