Broski - rustic nest bowl assorted
Broski - Rustic Nest Bowl - Assorted Designs
Cathy Broski

Broski - Rustic Nest Bowl - Assorted Designs

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To make her beautiful nest sculptures, Cathy pressed stoneware clay into a mold. After the first firing, she glazes it in black and wipes away the dark glaze at the high points to create dimensional coloring. This not only gives it it's unique look it "gules" the piece together. Some nests feature bird, hearts, boats, etc. 

Approximately 5” wide at the opening x 3” inches deep. Not recommended for rough use or liquid.

These designs change often due to their assorted nature.*

Due to the nature of handmade items, products received may look different than item pictured. 

*If purchasing online, please let us know in the notes which design you are interested in. Or, call us at (785) 843-0080 to speak with a Gallery Assistant who is willing to help find the perfect piece for you!