Chloe Kono

Los Angeles, California

Chloe Kono is an LA-based creative metalsmith. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University Long Beach in 2008, she began pursuing a career in metal arts. Over time she has developed a deep connection with the medium, continually experimenting with new techniques and media. For Chloe, metal is not only a substantial, malleable material, but one that is full of character and wild possibilities - forgiving yet with a life of its own. The nostalgia of youthful joy and laughter is reflected in each unique jewelry piece handcrafted in her studio. The heirloom quality of Chloe's work ensures her pieces will be enjoyed by their new owners for generations to come.

From necklaces and earrings, to rings and bracelets, her whimsical, circus-inspired work is a warm reminder to smile, no matter your age and background. Chloe aspires to make wearable art that reminds people how there is no obstacle too large to block one's calling, and no giggle too small to rebook one's spirit.