DHH Designs

David & Jeneice Haessig
Sarona, Wisconsin


David began his career as a woodworker in 1976, building custom furniture. From there he started creating unique sculptural and functional pieces and exhibiting his work at Fine Art and Craft Fairs around the county. David has always used the finest domestic hardwoods and some exotics. David always excels at overcoming the challenge of coming up with new ideas and product lines.
Each piece of wood is handcrafted by just David and his wife Jeneice, using their original designs. Each unique wooden piece is highly polished with a natural finish. Their designs are inspired by the trees that surround them and the simplicity and beauty that is so natural in the North Woods of Wisconsin. It has become their home; a place to work and a place to live.
Care and Feeding of Your Wood: Never place in water or automatic dishwasher. After use, wipe with wet/soapy dishcloth and rinse. Use mineral oil on all sides to “feed” your board. Never use cooking oils as they will turn rancid over time. Clean with lemon or lime juice (fresh or bottled).