Finding Felicity

Anna-Theresa Dudzek & Danielle Kalscheuer
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Danielle Kalscheuer and Anna-Theresa Dudzek make up the duo that is Finding Felicity, LLC. We are self-taught jewelry artists who are influenced by the colors, textures, and personalities we encounter in our everyday lives. We like to think we turn the ordinary into a tangible little piece of extraordinary that can be worn and enjoyed on a daily basis.
The techniques we use in making out pieces include hand-wrapping, hand-shaping, and hammering wire to create shapes and textures that evoke a special feeling or memory. It is through designing and creating jewelry that we find a bit of the happiness - the felicity - that one feels when creating something beautiful. We hope women feel just as fabulous wearing our creations as we feel making each and every piece. We are inspired by a wide variety of things; such as nature, magazines, art, beautiful window displays, printed fabrics, and kick-ass shoes. We are empowered and invigorated by our families, fine cocktails, homemade baked goods, our sweet and tangy puppies, kick-ass shoes -- see a pattern?