Firefly Mosaic Jewelry

Juan Carlos Chavajay Vasquez & Edward Rudnicki
Oakland, California

Firefly Jewelry is designed by Juan Carlos Chavajay Vasquez, in conjunction with Edward Rudnicki, the owner. Ed and Juan Carlos are fortunate to have design studios in both Oakland and Guatemala. The amazing natural world around the Guatemalan studio, combined with the ingenuity and skills of the Indigenous Mayan population nearby, all contribute to the brilliance of the Firefly designs. If stuck on developing new designs, to work in the gardens; with the layered greens of the volcanos in the distance, the flash of hummingbirds, the sparkle of the sun on Lake Atitlan, the shapes of the flowers, trees and vines; all so intricate and flourishing, it’s always the path to resolve whatever designs issues that are in development.
The owner is working to extend the business to the next generation and to handover the business to the Guatemalan family who helped start and nurture the endeavor to fruition. The Chavajay brothers; Salvador and Juan Carlos, are currently working in the Oakland office and are in transition to assume responsibility and ownership of Firefly in the future.