ICON Artworks

For more than three thousand years, artists have cast sculptures in bronze. Our mission at ICON Artworks is to immortalize treasured icons and cast bronze is a timeless, classic art form. Using the ancient lost-wax casting method, bronze is the ultimate realization for fine art sculpted of clay because of its flawless rendering of detail, its permanence, and its unrivaled richness when it comes to textures and patinas. Bronze is an extremely durable metal lasting for centuries and cast bronze sculptures allow for a variety of patina finishes and plating options. From miniature to monumental, the ICON Artworks brand exemplifies the stunning, inspirational art created by the hands of acclaimed sculptor Robin Richerson. Robin has been an active artist for more than two decades and was mentored for four years by Kwan Wu, a Chinese-American sculptor widely considered to be one of the best figurative sculptors in the world. Robin has a remarkable ability to breathe life into clay and has developed an extraordinary depth of composition, including realistic figurative, wildlife, abstract, modern and contemporary sculpture. Robin Richerson's Visage Fine Art Studio opened in 2008 and has produced well over 100 bronze sculptures which are featured in galleries, commercial and retail developments, schools and universities and in private collections throughout the world. Matt Palmer, the founder of ICON Artworks, has admired his uncle Robin's works of art for many years. ICON Artworks was born out of their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for sports (particularly the Jayhawks at Matt's alma mater, The University of Kansas). ICON Artworks sculptures are proudly handcrafted exclusively in America. Our series of Collegiate Sports Icons are officially licensed by each respective university and ICL (IMG College Licensing). Our team of skilled artisans, under the supervision of Robin Richerson, hand-finish each individual sculpture to ensure the desired patina (or finish) has been achieved and that our standards of excellence are met. Each piece can be customized or personalized with a laser engraved base.